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Sacramento-based visual artist Elaina Florence Joy Swanson stands as a medium through the feminine psyche, using primarily painting and collage mediums to express the joy and confusion of often discordant emotion and vulnerability. Swanson attended Biola University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, displaying her early works in pop ups around Los Angeles, on campus, and culminating in an explosion of paint, collage, and fabric works– her solo Exhibition Goodness Gracious; Roseate Revelations.


Swanson’s adventure continued with shows including a selection of shows at the Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville and a solo exhibition at the E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts Center. She revisited Southern California to participate in the Brea Gallery’s 2020 Made in California, taking home a Staff Choice Award. She is set to participate as a visual artist in Behind the Barre with choreographer Christopher Nachtrab this August after a 2020 postponement.


In the naturalistic and varied landscape of Northern California, Swanson actively engages every aspect of her life in her practice, dipping into the worlds of music, ballet, and more colloquial realms of video games and popular low-brow media. This allows for the easy transition for her work to permeate social platforms and create worlds for viewers and admirers to participate within. Swanson has created a multi platform space to attempt to give way to these worlds, building her online site, social platforms, live events, and public playlists.



Written by Deja Harry 

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Exploring internal and external landscapes. Reality is a playground for internal exploration.

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Every person is a beautiful paradox.

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