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Elaina Florence Joy Swanson was born a giant pink baby in California, and remains one to this day. Her earliest influences were Bob Ross on the 12 inch TV on the kitchen counter, Pocahontas but only in a completely aesthetic way, and her older sister who painted a giant, unfinished Rapunzel mural. 


She previously received her BFA from Biola University with honors, and is currently studying at Leeds Arts University for her Masters in Creative Practice.

Forever someone desperate to be taken seriously whilst remaining completely unable to stop talking about Barbie movies as though they are actual cinema, she is deeply invested in the paradoxes and complexities of the human condition. In her work today she explores her surroundings through her unique and colorful lens in landscapes, as well as exploring identity expression through narrative and genre.  

While she's not painting she's probably listening to Star Trek Podcasts while she cooks a gourmet meal for one, or probably playing Skyrim.

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Exploring internal and external landscapes. Reality is a playground for internal exploration.

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Norma Jean as St. Catherine of

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