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Frequently Asked Questions

Handy things to know


Who prints the prints? is the print company I use for my art prints. They have proven to have solid color representation and paper quality. They are one of the few to offer archival level prints.

Why these prices?

The prices are decided based on how much it costs me to have the works printed with the additional amount for overhead business costs and artist income. 

Print vs. Poster

The prints are higher-quality paper and ink compared to the posters, they will last theoretically forever and are investment pieces. The posters still look incredible but don't have the same longevity.

Do you ship them?

Prints and other merch are printed by a third party. If something happens with an order, please reach out to the fulfiller, as they have your shipping info, I do not.

Can you make (blank) into (blank)?

Ask away! If there is enough demand, or I just think it's a neat idea, I'll do my best to put it in the shop. Feel free to email or even DM me with ideas.

Why are some prints not available in certain sizes?

Some paintings are not painted in the same ratios as print sizes. I do my best to make as many sizes available, but some will inevitably not be able to be cropped in every size and not lose too much of the work. Alternatively, because my practices is years old now, I have not always taken the best photos of the work. If a work is not available larger it's because the photos used for the print are not high resolution enough to meet my quality standards.

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